7 Eye-Opening SEO Habits to KILL your Procrastination & drive more traffic

Himaan Ali
3 min readOct 7, 2023


Mastering the art of SEO is essential for generating traffic and remaining one step ahead of the competition in the always changing world of online content. However, the road to SEO success calls for more than sporadic efforts; it necessitates a methodical and deliberate approach. This article provides seven new behaviors that have the potential to not only stop procrastination but also greatly increase the visibility of your website.

  1. Plan Content 1 Month Ahead:

→ Research your top keywords.
→ Plan out content/week.
→ Make a content calendar & follow.

This habit encourages readers to do keyword research, plan content for a month in advance, and create a content calendar to stay organized.

2. Research Competition Religiously:

→ Never run into writer’s block.
→ Always look at competition.
→ Get ideas. Steal like an artist.

Regularly examining what competitors are doing can help avoid writer’s block and generate ideas for content.

3. Create Briefs with SEOwind:

→ SEOWind makes it easy.
→ Toss in your keyword & analyze.
→ Then build your outline in a few clicks.

Using a tool called SEOWind to analyze keywords, then build content outlines quickly and easily.

4. Hub & Spoke with ChatGPT:

→ Take top level keywords/ideas.
→ Ask ChatGPT for 50+ subtopics.
→ Match subtopics w/ keywords.

This habit involves using top-level keywords and consulting ChatGPT to generate subtopics, which can then be matched with keywords for content creation.

5. Write 1st Drafts with Byword:

→ Enter your briefs into Byword.
→ Read & edit to be in your own voice.
→ Optimize w/ my 25 step checklist.

Readers are advised to input their content briefs into Byword, edit the content in their own voice, and optimize it using a 25-step checklist.

6. Calendar Off SEO Time Each Week:

→ Block off 1–2 afternoons each week.
→ Just for SEO work. Nothing else.
→ Turn off Slack, email, notifications.

Setting aside specific time slots each week exclusively for SEO work, free from distractions like Slack, email, and notifications.

7. Outsource Your SEO:

→ Don’t want to do it yourself. No shame.
→ Hire an agency like TrioSEO to do it for you.
→ Stay focused on what you do best.

Acknowledging that SEO can be outsourced to agencies like TrioSEO if the reader prefers not to handle it themselves, allowing them to focus on their core strengths.

SEO success is not an enigma; it’s a journey paved with strategic habits. By embracing these seven transformative practices, you not only bid farewell to procrastination but also usher in a new era of increased website traffic and visibility.

Remember, SEO is not just a task; it’s a commitment to staying ahead, and these habits are your roadmap to that digital destination. Steal them, adopt them, and watch your online presence soar.



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